Events in a Flash: How to Promote an Event in Ten Minutes

In your business you’ve got regular, ongoing content that can be posted for general consumption – like blogs, articles, ebooks, and that kind of thing. But sometimes you want more: You want more interaction You want more effective positioning You want more promotion You want more of your personality injected into your relationships You want […]

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Mastering the First Ten Minutes of Your Day

In most articles of Tips In Ten, I try to provide ideas, techniques, or tools that you can apply to one particular task or function, and do so in just 10 minutes. But in this issue of Tips In Ten I wanted to take a slightly different approach. Rather than talk about a specific function, […]

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Running a Fan-Attracting Facebook Page in 10 Minutes a Day

There was a time when Facebook was the social network of individuals, LinkedIn was the social network of professionals, and businesses were stuck in the middle with minor representation on both. But Facebook is changing how business is done and running a Facebook Page for your business is becoming increasingly important. It’s another way for […]

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Be a Twitter List Champion in Just Ten Minutes- Part 2

In the previous article of Tips In Ten I told you about Twitter Lists and the different ways that they could be used. You can use Twitter lists to sort the people you’re following, you can use Twitter lists to sort your followers, and you can even use Twitter lists to sort and listen to […]

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Be a Twitter List Champion in Just Ten Minutes – Part 1

In the early days, Twitter was fun because there were a few hundred and then a few thousand people and they all interacted even though many had never met in person. It was like a collection of early adopters who were exploring and defining Twitter. Then Twitter grew. And grew. And grew. It burst into […]

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How to Get ‘LinkedIn’ like a Superstar… in Ten Minutes a Day

There are a lot of social networking sites out there. Twitter is big, popular, and growing. And it can be highly valuable for businesses when used correctly (which is why I coach on it). But it is certainly not the only social networking site useful for business. LinkedIn was launched in 2002, which makes it […]

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Twitter in Ten Minutes a Day!

Posted by on September 26, 2010 in: Tips in 10, Twitter Tips & Tools

I am assuming that most of my readers know what Twitter is. If not, take a look at a recent article I wrote for Fox News on using Twitter for Business Outreach. Some people will tell you that Twitter is all about engaging people, but let’s be honest: The end goal is to have people […]

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