Tweets in 10 (Part 1) – Twitter in 10 Minutes a Day

Posted by on November 29, 2010 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

There’s no business like Web 2.0 business, and the newest virtual buzzword that is invading the physical world is Twitter (also known as “tweeting”).

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The Qualities Your Prospects are Looking For

Just the other day I found a site that looked like it could potentially help my business. It was a SaaS (software-as-a-service site), which meant that they were asking for $29/month. The service looked really good. And it looked like it could fill a need in my business. But I didn’t buy. Here’s why… Relationships […]

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Recommended social media tool for your business

Social media engagement is important to your business. So is productivity. As any devoted Twitter user or Facebook user will tell you, social media and productivity don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. (Yes, social media engagement can be productive but it can also be distracting and sometimes time consuming). So I decided to write a blog about […]

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How to be ReTweeted

Rich Brooks runs Flyte, a web design business in Maine. Along with his corporate website, he also has an interesting blog, Flyteblog. In a recent blog, ReTweeting: The Art of the RT on Twitter, he was asked about ReTweeting – what it is and how to do it. I think his article is a good […]

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Reaching the Peak: When Delegation Shines

If you follow me on twitter you have seen a ton of recent tweets about @emailcenterpro, about ‘click – click – move – move’, and about Inbox 0! Some of you may be wondering: How I am doing that? Others may already know because you subscribe to my Tips in 10 email newsletter. I won’t […]

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Lunch 2.0 Launched! #BusinessLunchClub, #BizLunchClub, #BLC

Posted by on June 25, 2009 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

Twenty years ago I don’t remember anyone working from home. Now, everywhere I turn someone is working from home – whether it be telecommuting for a corporate job, freelancing, working contract, or just developing their own business. I won’t lie, while I love working from home – and I dread going into the office (yes, […]

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Clients don’t want to hear it…

As most of you know, I run a virtual assistance enterprise. I currently have a staff of 45 and a client list of over 600 with at least 20% clients active at any given time. Our clients range from one person freelancers working out of their homes (like UberGeekGirl) to multi million dollar organizations (like […]

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Product Spotlight


Business Lunch Club