Which Company Structure is Right for You?

As a small business owner, you need to make important decisions regarding the business structure for your company. Each structure has certain advantages and disadvantages, particularly in the area of tax requirements. Due to the complexities of tax law, it’s highly recommended that you seek legal advice from a qualified tax professional prior to making […]

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How To Survive Tax Season

Tax season is a trying time of year for anyone. For the small business owner, tax season can seem truly overwhelming. Attempting to make headway in the mountains of forms, decide what needs to be filed, maximize deductions and ensure that everything is properly filled out present unique challenges. Many small business owners are also […]

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How Much Does A Small Business Owner Really Make?

If you are a small business owner, you probably have a financial target in mind. This target is the amount of money that you would like to make. However, meeting that goal can be harder than you think. The reason is that much of your money will be swallowed up by the business overhead. Many […]

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Enhancing productivity and profitability by outsourcing

As a small business owner, getting all of your scheduled work completed in a day can be a daunting task: There is so much to do and so little time to do it. And to make matters worse, new technology and marketing channels and ideas keep popping up, adding an additional challenge of trying to […]

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There’s only one thing that can’t be delegated

With the coaching I do here and the services that IAC Professionals offers, it’s no secret that I’m a believer in delegation. It makes good business sense to delegate, especially when the person you’re delegating to costs less to do the task than the equivalent of your own hourly rate. A small business owner might […]

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You Have Nothing Until You Have Your First Sale

In my work as a consultant who helps turn ideas into products and business services, I am often approached by a potential client who tells me: “I have a great business idea”…and then they proceed to tell me what it is. Although I maintain an air of professionalism and would never word it quite this […]

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