Growing Your Business: Why Separating Business and Personal Finances is Good

This article is not all about finances. Well, it’s partially about finances. More importantly, it’s about how to grow your business. Growing your business doesn’t just happen by magic. There’s no business growth fairy that takes away a balance sheet and leaves a bigger business under your pillow. It takes consistent, carefully investment to create […]

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How Much Does A Small Business Owner Really Make?

If you are a small business owner, you probably have a financial target in mind. This target is the amount of money that you would like to make. However, meeting that goal can be harder than you think. The reason is that much of your money will be swallowed up by the business overhead. Many […]

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Unsticking a project

It doesn’t matter what size of company you are or what size of project you’re working on, most of us have faced this situation at one time or another: We have a project that is going well and then it sputters and stalls. Days turn into weeks and the project lags. There are plenty of […]

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Should You Listen to Your Customers?

Businesses need to work hard to stay competitive: they need to find new customers, outpace the competitors, stay on top of marketplace demands, and continually innovate. One problem that many businesses have is that they listen too closely to their customer. I’ll pause here a moment while you pick your jaw up off of the […]

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