Get Way More Done in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Nearly all of the Tips In Ten articles  have some kind of focus to them – information sites, Twitter, customer service, etc. But every once in a while I come across a great tip that takes ten minutes or less but it’s just a “quick hit” and it doesn’t have enough to merit an entire […]

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End Procrastination in Ten Minutes

We all face procrastination from time to time. Although the causes may differ, the result is the same: We avoid doing something we should be doing. What’s most annoying about procrastination is not that it happens, but that it’s something we often don’t realize we’re doing until we look up from the clock half an […]

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I’ve Joined a Cult!

Posted by on February 24, 2010 in: Project Management

Okay, usually when you hear that, it’s not a good thing. One of the first things you think when someone says that is: “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid”. The second thing you think is “How do I get out of this conversation as quickly as possible before the person asks ME to join the cult, too?” […]

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10 Promises for 2010

Posted by on December 31, 2009 in: Business - Plain & Simple

With only hours to go before 2010, your planning is probably finished. Your strategizing is tucked away. Your dreams are sitting on your desk, waiting for you to show up on Monday morning. You’ve done everything you can do this year and now it’s coming to close. And the champagne is flowing generously. 🙂

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Finish Well

We all love new beginnings. I love to make New Year’s resolutions. I also love Septembers because, even though I’m not in school, it feels like a sort-of new beginning. New months. New weeks. New days. I love to start things because I envision a great project and set goals and work hard towards achieving […]

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Productivity issues are the same everywhere

Just when I think I’ve heard every industry talk about the issues they have with productivity and scheduling problems, along comes another one to highlight that scheduling is a common problem no matter what you do. Our time is precious: We have 24 hours each day and we want to eat, sleep, spend time with […]

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Unsticking a project

It doesn’t matter what size of company you are or what size of project you’re working on, most of us have faced this situation at one time or another: We have a project that is going well and then it sputters and stalls. Days turn into weeks and the project lags. There are plenty of […]

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