Building a Fanbase of Followers in 10 Minutes a Day

As business owners, you want to generate an audience of interested people so that you position yourself in front of them as an expert… and hopefully some of them will buy. Okay, that’s Business 201 (since Business 101 is probably “sell something for more than you bought it for”). Sometimes that audience is made up […]

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Mastering Sales and Selling More – Part 2

In the last Tips In Ten we talked about selling more. We talked about how small businesses had a few options to sell more: 1. They could go out and generate more leads and, simply because sales is “a numbers game”, they would convert more prospects into customers. This is a good strategy but time […]

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Blogging in 10 Minutes a Day

A website is an important business tool – it’s a way to present and sell your products or services and to connect with your prospects and customers. In the earlier days of the web, business websites were relatively static: Organizations would put up a site and people would come and look at the site if […]

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Make Bookkeeping Faster & Easier in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day!

Bookkeeping is one of those topics that few people love to talk about. For most business owners, bookkeeping is like a visit to the dentist: Unpleasant but necessary. (Not everyone is like that, of course… and we’ve all become bookkeepers or accountants). In this issue of Tips In Ten, I’m going to show you how […]

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Manage Your Receivables like a Rock Star – Part 1: Set-Up

Extending credit to your customers can be good for business. Without the opportunity to “buy now and pay later”, you’ll need to run a business where you require payment up-front in order to complete the transaction. That might work for some businesses but not for all businesses. And chances are, it may not work for […]

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Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 7/9/10

Posted by on July 9, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

Want To Learn Faster? Stand Next To The Master – Learn the most, the best, and the fastest from others around you. Within this personal story are great insights on how to excel your knowledge by placing yourself next to those that are great leaders. “Think about it: what does mastery mean to you? Who […]

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These People Will Destroy Your Business

Over the years I’ve observed successful businesses owners and entrepreneurs helplessly fail as their businesses are driven into the ground by someone else. It’s rarely a malicious act, since people tend to spend time with people they want to be with. Frequently, business destruction occurs because friends, colleagues, clients or some other well-meaning person in […]

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