Tweets in 10 – Say Hello with Twellow

Posted by on March 2, 2011 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

In this tenth post of the TweetsIn10 series, I want to talk about the solution to a problem I first encountered when I started on Twitter a few years ago. The problem still persists today and this solution is as relevant now as it ever was. The Problem When you sign up, Twitter automatically recommends […]

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Tweets in 10 – Twitter Search and Why It’s Important

Posted by on February 23, 2011 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

When a non-Twitter user asks me why I have embraced Twitter as a communication method, I’m quick to point out that I think there are two reasons Twitter is MORE than a communication method; that it’s an entirely new way of engagement. To say that Twitter is just another communication method is to suggest that […]

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Tweets in 10 – Let’s Hear You Hoot!

Posted by on February 9, 2011 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

In the last Tweets in 10 post, you read about Tweetdeck, which is an app that allows you to tweet and sort tweets from others on your desktop or on your mobile device. I wanted to talk about that one first because it set the stage for what I’m about to tell you in this […]

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Understanding Membership Programs in 10 Minutes – Part 2

This is part 2 of a series I’m writing about membership programs. In the previous article of Tips In Ten, I talked about membership programs as a way to grow your revenue while decreasing the amount of time you worked. In other words, membership programs are about switching from an hourly model of working to […]

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The Power of a List: Part 1

I always attempt in my Tips In Ten articles to show you how to really master something in ten minutes. However, in some of Tips In Ten articles I outline something you absolutely must know in your business and when that happens, I try to give you the cliff notes version (you know, taking out […]

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Training Others in Just Ten Minutes a Day so You Can Free Your Time and Grow Your Business

One of the reasons I’ve observed that businesses struggle to be successful is because their team isn’t all rowing the boat in the same direction. Frequently, the business owner is so busy themselves that they don’t have time to train other people. And, even though every entrepreneur knows that training others will free up their […]

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MORE Blogging in 10 Minutes a Day

You might remember back to one of the earliest Tips In Ten articles, I talked about how you can blog in ten minutes a day. Recently I sat down and was reviewing some of the past issues to make sure that the content was current and to see if there was anything I might consider […]

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