Better Business Lunches in 10 Minutes a Day

Yes, you read that correctly, you can enjoy better business lunches in 10 minutes. It is possible. I’m going to show you how. No, it does not involve packing your food into your cheeks and chewing it later like a chipmunk. First, let’s talk about “what” and “why”.

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Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 6/18/10

Posted by on June 18, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

Turning Fear Into Fuel – Johnathan spoke at TEDx conference at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) back in April to a group of people on the topic of Fearless! Now keep in mind Johnathan clearly states that he was a bit nervous about speaking in-front of the 500+ people in that room – but he adjusts […]

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One Month In…

In a couple of days, my calendar is going to ping me with a reminder. It’s going to say “One month in – how’s it going, Heather?” This reminder is for me to review the new business strategies I intended to integrate into my business this year. Each year, I list out a bunch of […]

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Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 1/01/10

Posted by on January 1, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

A Year in Review Coming Back From the Holidays: How to Get Back to Work 12 Days of Virtual Assistance DEBATE: The Epic Battle Between Short and Long Posts Social media needs fewer rockstars, and more rockstar ideas What You Need to Know about Business in 2010 Five Can’t-Miss Mobile Marketing Trends For 2010 10 […]

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A Great Innovation Strategy

Innovation comes in many forms. Sometimes it is developing something brand new and bringing it to market. Sometimes it is putting your unique twist on an existing product to make it more suitable for your target market. And sometimes innovation is simply trying something new in your business that you haven’t done before… even if […]

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Find the Real Tools and Reduce Your High Tech Costs

If you are a small business owner, you are likely inundated with marketing messages everywhere you go about the latest in cutting edge business technology. Every new device comes with the promise that it will unchain you from your desk and earn you thousands of dollars. It can be easy for a business owner to […]

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One Small Step for Business

Have you ever wondered what separates a headlining “superstar” of an industry from the rest of the pack? What makes Seth Godin or Tony Robbins or Jeffrey Gitomer a thousand times more successful than the rest of us? There are plenty of potential answers (and certainly, I believe it’s a combination of factors), but there […]

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