The Power of a List: Part 3

This is part 3 of a Tips In Ten series talking about a list and why your business needs one. By now, I hope you’re convinced of the opportunity a list provides and you’re thinking about what you can do to create a list of contacts who would be interested in hearing from you. In […]

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Plan, Break Down and MASTER Your Day in 10 Minutes

Hi guys! I hope you like this article of Tips in 10 because it is something I do, which is so hugely useful to me that I am not quite sure how I ever lived without it before. I have talked about keeping track of your work with your project management system and calendar, and […]

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Self-Directed Project Management in Ten Minutes a Day

Posted by on November 11, 2010 in: Project Management, Tips in 10

In the past, I’ve shown you a project management system I use based on an Excel spreadsheet. It is a really valuable system to help me stay on top of what is going on in all of the different projects I have running. I’m glad to hear that some of you have been using it […]

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Success with Informational Sites – Part 2

In the last article we talked about informational sites and why you would want one. To summarize, an informational site is a site that does not directly sell but is chock full of information about a specific subject. And you want one (or more) for your business because they can help to position you, they […]

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Success with Informational Sites – Part 1

Sometimes when I write Tips In Ten, they are tips that take ten minutes to perform, and sometimes they are tips that take ten minutes to read but longer to perform. Since this topic takes 4 articles to talk about, there will be a combination of tasks, some taking ten minutes and some taking longer. […]

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Master Your Day in Just 10 Minutes – Part 2

In the last article of Tips In Ten I showed you how to create a schedule (the night before) that would help you to master your workday. But it’s not JUST about prioritizing tasks and reducing urgency. There is something else you should know: Creating a schedule is a great first step but implementing that […]

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Manage Your Receivables like a Rock Star – Part 1: Set-Up

Extending credit to your customers can be good for business. Without the opportunity to “buy now and pay later”, you’ll need to run a business where you require payment up-front in order to complete the transaction. That might work for some businesses but not for all businesses. And chances are, it may not work for […]

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