Nordstrom’s hits nail on the head…

Posted by on July 26, 2009 in: Woot! Series

Opposite my ‘Oooops! Series’, is a new Woot! Series. Woot! Series: Things I observe that are right on target in the business sense. I am an avid reader, I read everything and love nothing more than curling up in bed with a brand new hardback. I am a huge fan of Stephanie Meyer’s series, Twilight. […]

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Why Loading the Dishwasher is the Right Thing to Do

Posted by on April 14, 2009 in: Project Management

At a big family gathering a couple of years ago, my then-8-year-old niece saw the adults cleaning up after the meal. She was given a task to do and, not surprisingly, she dawdled. When reprimanded, she rolled her eyes and complained that adults LOVE doing the dishes and other boring things. We laughed, of course, […]

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It’s all about the Love…

Funny thing is we all have a job… and whether we are landscaping, building a website or filing taxes… the job can get redundant or boring. However, there are always those projects that are stimulating and exciting – and that is typically when it is all about the love. Do you love the client?

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