Making Ideas Happen: How to Act on Great Strategies

As someone who thinks about business productivity a lot, developing strategies and helping businesses take action are two key elements of what I do. Entrepreneurs often do a great job of creating strategies (after all, what entrepreneur doesn’t love to dream up new opportunities for their business!?!) but they struggle with turning those strategies into […]

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A Checklist for Staffing Up

When you are considering the possibility of hiring staff – whether that staff includes a virtual assistant, an onsite assistant, freelance consultant, or an entire office of staff – you want to make the right decision as quickly as possible and get the role filled. After all, every passing day without a person in the […]

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One Small Step for Business

Have you ever wondered what separates a headlining “superstar” of an industry from the rest of the pack? What makes Seth Godin or Tony Robbins or Jeffrey Gitomer a thousand times more successful than the rest of us? There are plenty of potential answers (and certainly, I believe it’s a combination of factors), but there […]

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Are you managing? Or managing?

Business owners work hard to create a business that hopefully will become a valuable, revenue-generating asset for them. IF a business survives, that is a tribute to the entrepreneur. But IF a business thrives, that is even better. So, how does a business get from “survive” to “thrive”? I suggest that the clue is in […]

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Today’s #businesslunchclub discussion (July 13, 2009)

Posted by on July 15, 2009 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

Great discussion today on #businesslunchclub (on Twitter; but see for more details). The conversation today centered around delegation, and specifically around something that @IAC_Heather calls “the 3 Strikes, You’re Out” rule. The conversation was primarily between @IAC_Heather, @askleo, and myself (@AaronHoos), with @Hazewalker chiming in towards the end. You can read our entire conversation […]

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Meetings: Maddeningly Mundane or Massively Meaningful?

“A business without meetings is… an enjoyable place to work”. Haha, okay that might be a serious anti-meeting sentiment but I know that most of you chuckled because deep down you feel the same way. Meetings are rarely an enjoyable experience. And yet, we have them and can’t imagine doing business without them.

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Top 5 Project Management Lessons from Moving

Recently, my family moved out of our condo into a house. This isn’t the first move I’ve made, but it’s the first one in a while and I was struck by how much project management the entire effort required to pull off successfully. So I jotted down these 5 project management lessons that moving reminded […]

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