There’s only one thing that can’t be delegated

With the coaching I do here and the services that IAC Professionals offers, it’s no secret that I’m a believer in delegation. It makes good business sense to delegate, especially when the person you’re delegating to costs less to do the task than the equivalent of your own hourly rate. A small business owner might […]

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Meetings: Maddeningly Mundane or Massively Meaningful?

“A business without meetings is… an enjoyable place to work”. Haha, okay that might be a serious anti-meeting sentiment but I know that most of you chuckled because deep down you feel the same way. Meetings are rarely an enjoyable experience. And yet, we have them and can’t imagine doing business without them.

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Reasons for Scope Creep

Posted by on May 11, 2009 in: Project Management

“Onomatopoeia” (pronounced “on-oh-matta-pee-ya”) is when the word for a sound closely resembles the sound itself. The word “hiss” hisses just like a real hiss. The word drip seems to drip from your mouth like a real drip. Buzz and murmur are two other words that are “onomatopoeic” in nature. In a way, the word “scope […]

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Social Wha?

One of the inquiries into my services this past week was a woman who owned a gift shop. She has been selling personalized gifts and trinkets in her boutique for over two decades. About five years ago she went online and started selling through the web as well. She saw a recent article I had […]

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It’s all about the Love…

Funny thing is we all have a job… and whether we are landscaping, building a website or filing taxes… the job can get redundant or boring. However, there are always those projects that are stimulating and exciting – and that is typically when it is all about the love. Do you love the client?

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An Innovation Mindset – “Should you listen to your customers?” Continued

Yesterday I talked about the tricky balance between the customer always being right and Henry Ford’s admission that if he had listened to people, he would have invented a faster horse. Ford states it well and if I were to restate what he said I would put it a little more bluntly: the customer doesn’t […]

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Should You Listen to Your Customers?

Businesses need to work hard to stay competitive: they need to find new customers, outpace the competitors, stay on top of marketplace demands, and continually innovate. One problem that many businesses have is that they listen too closely to their customer. I’ll pause here a moment while you pick your jaw up off of the […]

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