Tweets in 10 – Twitterpress: Combining Twitter and WordPress10

Posted by on January 12, 2011 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

Okay, I realize that not all of you are WordPress users so this might not be as relevant for everyone. But many of you are so it was worth writing one newsletter dedicated just to WordPress users. The reason for putting Twitter plug-ins into your WordPress site is the same reason you’d put some of […]

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Tweets in 10 (Part 4) – Now What?

Posted by on December 20, 2010 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

So, you’ve opened a Twitter account and over the weeks and months after reading my Twitter in 10 series, you’ve generated attention. You’ve built up a following in just ten minutes a day. You’ve engaged your audience in a dialogue about the things that you like to think about. They have come to view you […]

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Tweets in 10 (Part 2) – Gathering the RIGHT Followers

Posted by on December 6, 2010 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

Gathering followers is fun… but gathering the right followers (and finding the right people to follow) is even better! Don’t get caught up in the myth that you need to follow a lot of people. Some Twitter users collect followers like they’re going out of style… but effective Twitter users know that what you really […]

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Be a Twitter List Champion in Just Ten Minutes- Part 2

In the previous article of Tips In Ten I told you about Twitter Lists and the different ways that they could be used. You can use Twitter lists to sort the people you’re following, you can use Twitter lists to sort your followers, and you can even use Twitter lists to sort and listen to […]

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Effective Lead Generation in 10 Minutes

There’s a poem that goes, “for want of a nail the war was lost”. The poem traces the loss of a war to a missing horseshoe nail, suggesting that the horse wasn’t shod properly and thus couldn’t ride into battle to bring a key warrior to the front lines. (Read the poem here: For Want […]

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Building a Fanbase of Followers in 10 Minutes a Day

As business owners, you want to generate an audience of interested people so that you position yourself in front of them as an expert… and hopefully some of them will buy. Okay, that’s Business 201 (since Business 101 is probably “sell something for more than you bought it for”). Sometimes that audience is made up […]

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How to Get ‘LinkedIn’ like a Superstar… in Ten Minutes a Day

There are a lot of social networking sites out there. Twitter is big, popular, and growing. And it can be highly valuable for businesses when used correctly (which is why I coach on it). But it is certainly not the only social networking site useful for business. LinkedIn was launched in 2002, which makes it […]

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