Recommended social media tool for your business

Social media engagement is important to your business. So is productivity. As any devoted Twitter user or Facebook user will tell you, social media and productivity don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. (Yes, social media engagement can be productive but it can also be distracting and sometimes time consuming). So I decided to write a blog about […]

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A “workout” regimen for small business owners

Exercise is something we all know we need but we often avoid or overlook until it’s too late. Our muscles aren’t just physical, though. We have mental “muscles” that need working out, too. Recently, I read a great article Forbes by Dr. Douglas McKenna about this very thing. McKenna used to work for Microsoft and […]

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Social Wha?

One of the inquiries into my services this past week was a woman who owned a gift shop. She has been selling personalized gifts and trinkets in her boutique for over two decades. About five years ago she went online and started selling through the web as well. She saw a recent article I had […]

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