Tips to get more out of #businesslunchclub

If you’re a business owner who is stuck at your desk for lunch, you might be getting work done but you’re missing out on the powerful networking opportunities of a business lunch. That’s where BusinessLunchClub comes in. BusinessLunchClub is where entrepreneurs on Twitter have lunch. If you’re stuck at your desk but want to do […]

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When Business Growth is Bad – Part 2

When entrepreneurs start a business they hope and pray that their business grows. Of course! They should! And as a consultant, I take my role very seriously in helping them see growth in their businesses. But in my last post I mentioned that not all business growth is good. Growth that happens too fast, for […]

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What’s Your End-Game Play?

Posted by on February 3, 2009 in: Project Management

If you’ve clicked through the services I offer on this site, you’ll notice that a lot of it is related to the management and implementation of projects; of turning complex concepts into completed reality. One of the most important (and most overlooked) steps in any complex project is the end-game play. You don’t have to […]

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