22.5 Minutes is all You Really Need to Make a Big Difference

Paul Lemberg and I share a similar goal in the work that we each do. Ultimately, both of us strive to help business owners use productivity to increase business success. Paul has developed something called the Formula 5 system in which he lists 5 aspects of a business that can be altered to grow the […]

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What Your Business Can Learn from Video Games

I’m not much into video games. I have nothing against them (although they can eat up time like crazy) but I just have other things on my radar that are more pressing for me. Regardless, I can appreciate a good video game, not just for its artistry but for what it can teach business owners: […]

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On the Weekends, I’m in a Band

A friend of mine is a high school music teacher by day. And, since she’s not a full-time music teacher, she also plays in a band on the weekends to help with the bills. I was reminded of her when I read an article by Jonathan Weber at TheBigMoney.com, Outsource Yourself. Weber says that, in […]

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Incorporating Outsource Staff into the Routine of Your Office

As a business owner you are comfortable with the daily routine of your office. You know the intricacies of your workplace and are comfortable with the workflow. You can see the friendly faces of your employees in every cubicle or behind each desk. Your business has a rhythm and when you achieve that rhythm, everything […]

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Get More Done with On-Call Help

Business owners who are advancing from the solopreneur to a staffed organization can’t always make that leap from one to the other cleanly. They will often discover that there is an intermediate step in between, although not everyone knows this. It’s true! In the steps between running a business on your own and running a […]

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How to Develop Organizational Culture in an E-Business

It’s a good business decision to outsource: It’s often cheaper to hire outsource staff than to hire in-house. At times, the per-hour cost of outsource staff might be slightly higher than an in-house staff (depending on where the outsource staff is located), but there is less overhead, no payment of benefits and bonuses, and the […]

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How to Make Your Entrepreneurial Dream a Reality

Mary saw it coming. The economy had dramatically impacted the company she worked for and there were several of pink slips handed out on Friday afternoon – her job had been axed, along with the jobs of several of her coworkers. What now? She and her husband had talked about the possibility of a lay-off […]

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