Ten Minutes to Faster Decisions – Part 1

Most of my readers are business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and coaches. Each one of those roles requires frequent, on-the-fly decisions to be made throughout the day. You want to be able to encounter a choice, decide intelligently, and act in the right way. But it’s easier said than done! Choices aren’t always clear, which fogs […]

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Choosing the Right Freelancer or Contractor

You need to get work done but you can’t do it all by yourself. The busier your business gets, the more you need to do and the less time you have to do it in! That’s when you turn to professionals like freelancers and contractors to help you out. I’ve recommended sites like Guru and […]

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Article Submissions in 10 Minutes a Day – Part 4

In the past few articles of Tips In Ten, I have shown you how to create articles for online distribution, which I think is the best way that business owners have to promote themselves online. There are other good ways which accomplish a variety of business promotion goals, but articles give great value. In this […]

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Building a Fanbase of Followers in 10 Minutes a Day

As business owners, you want to generate an audience of interested people so that you position yourself in front of them as an expert… and hopefully some of them will buy. Okay, that’s Business 201 (since Business 101 is probably “sell something for more than you bought it for”). Sometimes that audience is made up […]

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Make Bookkeeping Faster & Easier in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day!

Bookkeeping is one of those topics that few people love to talk about. For most business owners, bookkeeping is like a visit to the dentist: Unpleasant but necessary. (Not everyone is like that, of course… and we’ve all become bookkeepers or accountants). In this issue of Tips In Ten, I’m going to show you how […]

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Manage Your Receivables like a Rock Star – Part 1: Set-Up

Extending credit to your customers can be good for business. Without the opportunity to “buy now and pay later”, you’ll need to run a business where you require payment up-front in order to complete the transaction. That might work for some businesses but not for all businesses. And chances are, it may not work for […]

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Generating Repeat Business in 10 Minutes a Day

Achieving profitability and then maintaining it is a daily battle for business owners. Driving up income and driving down expenses should be a two-pronged approach you take for every activity and business decision you make in the day. Unfortunately, generating business often costs money – and depending on the channel you’re marketing through, it can […]

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