One Month In…

In a couple of days, my calendar is going to ping me with a reminder. It’s going to say “One month in – how’s it going, Heather?” This reminder is for me to review the new business strategies I intended to integrate into my business this year. Each year, I list out a bunch of […]

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One of Many: No you will not make millions eating bon-bons

I like to blog about different things, so sometimes I start series. For example, I have an “Ooops” series where I talk about business “ooops” that I see (which is much neglected; sorry). A new series I want to start is Business Urban Legends – a series revealing things that people (clients, colleagues, innocent bystanders […]

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When Business Growth is Bad – Part 3

I can’t imagine a business that doesn’t want some kind of growth. That’s exactly the way it should be. But not all growth is good and in the past couple of blogs I talk about business growth that can sometimes be a problem. So far, I’ve talked about out-of-control business growth that costs so much […]

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The conundrum of committedness – part 3

In my last two blogs, I’ve talked about the conundrum of committedness. The first part of the conundrum is the need to continue generating new commitments, even if there are a lot of them currently. And the second part is that new commitments aren’t always predictable. Here are some ways to manage that situation for […]

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