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Tweets in 10 – Twitterpress: Combining Twitter and WordPress10

Posted by on January 12, 2011 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

Okay, I realize that not all of you are WordPress users so this might not be as relevant for everyone. But many of you are so it was worth writing one newsletter dedicated just to WordPress users. The reason for putting Twitter plug-ins into your WordPress site is the same reason you’d put some of […]

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Tweets in 10 – Spread the News, Spread the Love

Posted by on January 4, 2011 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

Twitter is an exciting medium, not just because it provides a place to connect with others but also because it generates fresh, compelling content that can draw your audience back to your blog or website again and again. The whole TweetsIn10 concept is built around helping you save time on Twitter, but the same concept […]

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Understanding Membership Programs in 10 Minutes – Part 3

Welcome to the third and final article of the membership program series. With these Tips In Ten article, I’ve wanted to take ten minutes each week to share with you some helpful insight into building membership programs. Membership programs can have a powerful impact on your business because they will save you time while helping […]

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Understanding Membership Programs in 10 Minutes – Part 2

This is part 2 of a series I’m writing about membership programs. In the previous article of Tips In Ten, I talked about membership programs as a way to grow your revenue while decreasing the amount of time you worked. In other words, membership programs are about switching from an hourly model of working to […]

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Better Firefox Usage in 10 Minutes

In this article of Tips In Ten, I’m going to give you some ideas to use Firefox more effectively. For those who aren’t using Firefox, this Tips In Ten article won’t be relevant to you. But Firefox is hugely popular (among PC users, at least) so this issue will still be relevant to most of […]

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Ten Minutes to Faster Decisions – Part 1

Most of my readers are business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and coaches. Each one of those roles requires frequent, on-the-fly decisions to be made throughout the day. You want to be able to encounter a choice, decide intelligently, and act in the right way. But it’s easier said than done! Choices aren’t always clear, which fogs […]

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Growing Your Business with YouTube in Just Ten Minutes! – Part1

There are many different channels on the web that you can use to market your business. A lot of them are text-based channels, which is okay because you need words to communicate and those word are searchable on search engines. But sometimes you need something more. Sometimes it’s nice to engage your audience in a […]

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