Generating Repeat Business in 10 Minutes a Day

Achieving profitability and then maintaining it is a daily battle for business owners. Driving up income and driving down expenses should be a two-pronged approach you take for every activity and business decision you make in the day. Unfortunately, generating business often costs money – and depending on the channel you’re marketing through, it can […]

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How to read a book in ten minutes a day

We’re all busy. Life moves at a rapid pace and we do our best to keep up. Reading becomes one of those things that gets put on the shelf (pun intended) because other things become a priority. And yet, when we do get to read, we enrich our lives and our businesses. I know a […]

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Lessons to Learn from Starbucks and Social Media

There is a lot of advice out there about how to “do” social media. Most of the time, it is very tactical. For example, some tactical Twitter-related advice might be: “Here’s how to tweet”; “Here’s why you should retweet”; “Here’s how to use a hashtag”; etc. We need that kind of helpful advice. But on […]

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Productivity Starts with the Right Pieces in Place

There are a lot of opportunities to do a project really productively. If it’s a complex project, you can break it down into smaller parts. You can apply various project management techniques to get the project done. You can outsource or multitask or automate and get even more done in the same space of time. […]

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22.5 Minutes is all You Really Need to Make a Big Difference

Paul Lemberg and I share a similar goal in the work that we each do. Ultimately, both of us strive to help business owners use productivity to increase business success. Paul has developed something called the Formula 5 system in which he lists 5 aspects of a business that can be altered to grow the […]

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What to do When the Ship is Sinking

We all face professional disasters of one kind or another. It’s inevitable, whether you work in your own business or for someone else. And sometimes those disasters are brought on by us (whether we want to admit it or not) and sometimes those disasters are externally occurring but impact us anyway. I was going to […]

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Project Management Success Requires Flexibility

Recently, a friend of mine told me about an IT implementation he was part of. He was brought in as a contractor to assist in the internal promotion and communication of the new technology as it was being rolled out. In other words, he had to convince the internal users that it was worth learning […]

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