Training Others in Just Ten Minutes a Day so You Can Free Your Time and Grow Your Business

One of the reasons I’ve observed that businesses struggle to be successful is because their team isn’t all rowing the boat in the same direction. Frequently, the business owner is so busy themselves that they don’t have time to train other people. And, even though every entrepreneur knows that training others will free up their […]

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Running a Fan-Attracting Facebook Page in 10 Minutes a Day

There was a time when Facebook was the social network of individuals, LinkedIn was the social network of professionals, and businesses were stuck in the middle with minor representation on both. But Facebook is changing how business is done and running a Facebook Page for your business is becoming increasingly important. It’s another way for […]

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Run a More Efficient, Profitable Business in 10 Minutes a Day

Did you like that title? Every business owner wants to run a more efficient, profitable business. But I confess that I wasn’t entirely honest with you: The original subject line of this Tips In Ten article was going to be “Manage Your Expenses in 10 Minutes a Day”. Unfortunately, I don’t know many people who […]

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MORE Blogging in 10 Minutes a Day

You might remember back to one of the earliest Tips In Ten articles, I talked about how you can blog in ten minutes a day. Recently I sat down and was reviewing some of the past issues to make sure that the content was current and to see if there was anything I might consider […]

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Better Firefox Usage in 10 Minutes

In this article of Tips In Ten, I’m going to give you some ideas to use Firefox more effectively. For those who aren’t using Firefox, this Tips In Ten article won’t be relevant to you. But Firefox is hugely popular (among PC users, at least) so this issue will still be relevant to most of […]

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Ten Minutes to Faster Decisions – Part 2

Posted by on November 3, 2010 in: Tips in 10, Tools & Resources

As a business owner, I’m sure that you face decisions, choices, and even problems every single day. If the choice is clear, it’s easy to take action. But sometimes the choice is not clear and sometimes the problem has choices buried in it that you need to identify first. In the last article of Tips […]

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Ten Minutes to Faster Decisions – Part 1

Most of my readers are business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and coaches. Each one of those roles requires frequent, on-the-fly decisions to be made throughout the day. You want to be able to encounter a choice, decide intelligently, and act in the right way. But it’s easier said than done! Choices aren’t always clear, which fogs […]

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