10 Minutes a Day For Better Staff Productivity

I’m all about “getting more done”. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to you and I spend a lot of time thinking about it. For some of my readers, the lessons in these Tips In Ten issues are applicable to their one-person operations. But what about the businesses that are multi-staff situations? You’re in charge […]

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Focus to Move Forward

Entrepreneurs are faced with innumerable marketing opportunities to grow their businesses. Speaking from experience, I have so many options when I’m looking to market my business and Iā€™m frequently approached by business owners with a giant list of internet marketing to-do’s that they want to pursue. Blogs, social media, social bookmarking, articles, press releases, AdWords, […]

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6 Ways to Expand Your Income Potential

I work with many different kinds of businesses but especially with freelancers and coaches. With some businesses, the income opportunity isn’t limited by anything other than how many customers you can send to your site. But with a lot of freelancers and coaches, the income opportunity is limited by the hours in the day. In […]

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The Fastest, Easiest, Most Efficient Way to Get Stuff Done

Getting stuff done: Oh how business owners and freelancers everywhere love a to-do list that is completely crossed off! I know that I always sleep way more soundly at night when I’ve actually crossed everything off my day’s to-do list! Each day, business owners face a variety of tasks to be done. Some are fun […]

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How to Avoid Burnout

From time to time I’ve watched helplessly as business-owning colleagues have burned out. Entrepreneurs can burn out pretty easily because they have so much at stake and because they love what they do, so work doesn’t always feel like work. The result? They either totally flame-out in a cataclysmic melt-down, or they slowly grind to […]

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How to read a book in ten minutes a day

We’re all busy. Life moves at a rapid pace and we do our best to keep up. Reading becomes one of those things that gets put on the shelf (pun intended) because other things become a priority. And yet, when we do get to read, we enrich our lives and our businesses. I know a […]

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Making Ideas Happen: How to Act on Great Strategies

As someone who thinks about business productivity a lot, developing strategies and helping businesses take action are two key elements of what I do. Entrepreneurs often do a great job of creating strategies (after all, what entrepreneur doesn’t love to dream up new opportunities for their business!?!) but they struggle with turning those strategies into […]

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