Building and Maintaining a Compelling Website in Just 10 Minutes a Day

I’ve found that websites can be a huge black hole of time, where a full day of work can get sucked into oblivion simply because you’re trying to build or maintain your company’s website. You might have some of your web presence covered but you might not have all of it covered and this Tips […]

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End Procrastination in Ten Minutes

We all face procrastination from time to time. Although the causes may differ, the result is the same: We avoid doing something we should be doing. What’s most annoying about procrastination is not that it happens, but that it’s something we often don’t realize we’re doing until we look up from the clock half an […]

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Master Your Day in Just 10 Minutes – Part 2

In the last article of Tips In Ten I showed you how to create a schedule (the night before) that would help you to master your workday. But it’s not JUST about prioritizing tasks and reducing urgency. There is something else you should know: Creating a schedule is a great first step but implementing that […]

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Master Your Day in Just 10 Minutes – Part 1

In previous Tips In Ten articles, I’ve shown you how to set up a calendar and how to manage your projects. In this article, and in the next one, I want to show you how to really master your day and get the most out of your day that you possibly can. There are some […]

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Choosing the Right Freelancer or Contractor

You need to get work done but you can’t do it all by yourself. The busier your business gets, the more you need to do and the less time you have to do it in! That’s when you turn to professionals like freelancers and contractors to help you out. I’ve recommended sites like Guru and […]

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Creating Requests of Proposals that Get Results…

As a business owner, you have lots of work to do. Hiring someone to work in your office isn’t always a realistic alternative and you can often get highly qualified offsite contractors and freelancers for less than it would cost you to have someone in your office. Not only that, you can put in just […]

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Better Business Lunches in 10 Minutes a Day

Yes, you read that correctly, you can enjoy better business lunches in 10 minutes. It is possible. I’m going to show you how. No, it does not involve packing your food into your cheeks and chewing it later like a chipmunk. First, let’s talk about “what” and “why”.

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