Business Growth in Ten Minutes a Day… IS Possible

In some article of Tips In Ten I give you “little picture” projects that you can do well in 10 minutes: Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, that kind of thing. They are important but often self-contained and fairly specific. On the opposite end of the spectrum is business growth. Big picture stuff! And, yes, it can be […]

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Plan, Break Down and MASTER Your Day in 10 Minutes

Hi guys! I hope you like this article of Tips in 10 because it is something I do, which is so hugely useful to me that I am not quite sure how I ever lived without it before. I have talked about keeping track of your work with your project management system and calendar, and […]

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Mastering the First Ten Minutes of Your Day

In most articles of Tips In Ten, I try to provide ideas, techniques, or tools that you can apply to one particular task or function, and do so in just 10 minutes. But in this issue of Tips In Ten I wanted to take a slightly different approach. Rather than talk about a specific function, […]

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Better Firefox Usage in 10 Minutes

In this article of Tips In Ten, I’m going to give you some ideas to use Firefox more effectively. For those who aren’t using Firefox, this Tips In Ten article won’t be relevant to you. But Firefox is hugely popular (among PC users, at least) so this issue will still be relevant to most of […]

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Ten Minutes to Faster Decisions – Part 1

Most of my readers are business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and coaches. Each one of those roles requires frequent, on-the-fly decisions to be made throughout the day. You want to be able to encounter a choice, decide intelligently, and act in the right way. But it’s easier said than done! Choices aren’t always clear, which fogs […]

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Business Growth in Ten Minutes a Day

I believe that businesses grow when entrepreneurs focus on the successful development and improvement of their businesses. Unfortunately, it’s not put into practice as often or as effectively as it could be so entrepreneurs only think about business growth, but act on it sporadically. The result of sporadic attention to business growth is, of course, […]

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Get Way More Done in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Nearly all of the Tips In Ten articles  have some kind of focus to them – information sites, Twitter, customer service, etc. But every once in a while I come across a great tip that takes ten minutes or less but it’s just a “quick hit” and it doesn’t have enough to merit an entire […]

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