Pay it forward for big payback

Paying it forward is a great idea: When someone does something nice for you, you don’t repay them but you pass it along to by doing something nice for someone else. Although the concept has been around for a long time, it was made popular in the movie “Pay It Forward” with Kevin Spacey and […]

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What’s Your Social Media Plan?

As 2009 winds up, we’re working hard to finish this year well but our thoughts are also turning towards how we’ll succeed and grow our businesses in the year to come. Without a doubt, social media should play a key role in your business’ client-generation effort. So, if you haven’t developed a social media marketing […]

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Recommended social media tool for your business

Social media engagement is important to your business. So is productivity. As any devoted Twitter user or Facebook user will tell you, social media and productivity don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. (Yes, social media engagement can be productive but it can also be distracting and sometimes time consuming). So I decided to write a blog about […]

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The Metrics of Social Media

A friend of mine is a freelancer and he is a self-confessed tyrant of metrics. He analyzes the proposals he sends out and monitors how many people call him as a result. He analyzes every action in his sales process and has goals and can tell me at the end of the day how close […]

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How to be ReTweeted

Rich Brooks runs Flyte, a web design business in Maine. Along with his corporate website, he also has an interesting blog, Flyteblog. In a recent blog, ReTweeting: The Art of the RT on Twitter, he was asked about ReTweeting – what it is and how to do it. I think his article is a good […]

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Want to get started? Just get started!

This is a message for all business owners, entrepreneurs, project managers… and basically anyone else out there who has a big task to accomplish. I know you have it tough. Projects are big and unwieldy. It’s hard to start. It’s hard to gain momentum. It’s hard to maintain momentum. It’s hard to juggle everything and […]

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Social Wha?

One of the inquiries into my services this past week was a woman who owned a gift shop. She has been selling personalized gifts and trinkets in her boutique for over two decades. About five years ago she went online and started selling through the web as well. She saw a recent article I had […]

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