Self-Directed Project Management in Ten Minutes a Day

Posted by on November 11, 2010 in: Project Management, Tips in 10

In the past, I’ve shown you a project management system I use based on an Excel spreadsheet. It is a really valuable system to help me stay on top of what is going on in all of the different projects I have running. I’m glad to hear that some of you have been using it […]

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Setting (and Achieving) Daily Goals Like a Genius – Part 2

In the last issue of Tips In Ten, I showed you how to take 10 minutes each week (okay, a little longer the first time you do it) and determine what your roles are first and then build your goals from that. This will help you to find the balance you want in life and […]

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Setting (and Achieving) Daily Goals like a Genius – Part 1

Setting and achieving goals is a challenge for anyone – it doesn’t matter whether you’re an entrepreneur or a mom or a college student… or anything else. Our lives are busy (and they’re getting busier, it seems) and we’re bombarded with stuff to do all the time. Part of what makes this process difficult is […]

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Project Management in 10 Minutes

Posted by on September 24, 2010 in: Project Management, Tips in 10

If you or your business are anything like me or my businesses, you are looking at this title and thinking: “Okay, now Heather has officially lost her mind – 90% of my job is project management.” So true, so true! What I have learned, though, is that the key to project management is “organization”. A […]

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The Fastest, Easiest, Most Efficient Way to Get Stuff Done

Getting stuff done: Oh how business owners and freelancers everywhere love a to-do list that is completely crossed off! I know that I always sleep way more soundly at night when I’ve actually crossed everything off my day’s to-do list! Each day, business owners face a variety of tasks to be done. Some are fun […]

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The End is Near (But it’s No Big Deal)

As business owners, we optimistically show up to work, sit down at our desk, and expect everything to go well. Every single day. Most of the time it goes okay but every once in a while something goes wrong. There could be any number of reasons but that’s the way it goes: Life deals us […]

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The Secret Sauce for a Successful Business

I’m not a big believer in the “magic bullet” theory of business. I’ve never believed that a particular business model or the perfect product will turn a business from a mediocre business into a super-success. I’ve always subscribed to the notion that if you work hard and provide value and do good in the world, […]

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