Trying To Go it Alone: Why It Is Less Productive To Work Alone

Many small businesses begin as one-person operations. A new small business owner may have neither the budget nor the workload to justify hiring employees. In the early days, this generally works just fine. A small business with a slow stream of work usually allows its owner plenty of time to focus on all aspects of […]

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Productivity issues are the same everywhere

Just when I think I’ve heard every industry talk about the issues they have with productivity and scheduling problems, along comes another one to highlight that scheduling is a common problem no matter what you do. Our time is precious: We have 24 hours each day and we want to eat, sleep, spend time with […]

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A powerful strategy for testimonials

When presenting your product or service for sale, a testimonial can go a long way. Testimonials can show a potential buyer how a previous buyer has been impacted by your offering, and I’ve even seen circumstances where they were the tipping point between “I might buy” and “I will buy”. When we have testimonials, we […]

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On Getting Work and MORE Work

A friend of mine just returned from a trip with his family. It was the first time he went on a multi-state trip in his brand new Prius and he came back bragging about the mileage. The last multistate trip I went on was in an SUV (with apologies to the environment) so the difference […]

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When the going gets tough -the tough get richer

Everyone is discussing the economy. I recently saw someone say on Twitter “Will the Great Depression still be the Great Depression? Or will this one be the Greater Depression”. I had to laugh inside, because these times really are not affecting many web based organizations.

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