How to Re-Use Old Coaching Sessions

In a previous blog post I mentioned that you should record your calls with your clients (get their permission first, of course), and transcribe those calls. Here’s what you should do with those recordings and transcriptions: 1.    Send the recordings and transcriptions to your clients as a free, value-added service so they can refer to […]

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The 7 Things Coaches MUST Do In Their Business Today

I work with a lot of coaches and I see a lot of the same missed opportunities and mistakes over and over. If you are a coach, consultant, or advisor, you’ll want to implement these tips right away. 1. Set up an online scheduling system to help automate the scheduling process. Even something as simple […]

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You Have Nothing Until You Have Your First Sale

In my work as a consultant who helps turn ideas into products and business services, I am often approached by a potential client who tells me: “I have a great business idea”…and then they proceed to tell me what it is. Although I maintain an air of professionalism and would never word it quite this […]

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This may not be the brightest thing I have ever done – but here are some tips …

I was getting ready to go to bed.. when I stumbled upon a blog post, which led to another blog, and then another, and then another – until voila! it is 4:09 am in the morning I am thinking ‘What are all these people thinking’? So, I am not going to name names – and […]

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Forget One Liners!

“Take my wife, please” is probably one of the most famous one liners there are. I’m not a big fan of one liners; it’s just not my brand of comedy. And when it comes to project management, I’m not a big fan of one liners, either. In project management we bring together numerous smaller pieces […]

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An Innovation Mindset – “Should you listen to your customers?” Continued

Yesterday I talked about the tricky balance between the customer always being right and Henry Ford’s admission that if he had listened to people, he would have invented a faster horse. Ford states it well and if I were to restate what he said I would put it a little more bluntly: the customer doesn’t […]

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Should You Listen to Your Customers?

Businesses need to work hard to stay competitive: they need to find new customers, outpace the competitors, stay on top of marketplace demands, and continually innovate. One problem that many businesses have is that they listen too closely to their customer. I’ll pause here a moment while you pick your jaw up off of the […]

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