Mastering Sales and Selling More – Part 2

In the last Tips In Ten we talked about selling more. We talked about how small businesses had a few options to sell more: 1. They could go out and generate more leads and, simply because sales is “a numbers game”, they would convert more prospects into customers. This is a good strategy but time […]

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Mastering Sales and Selling More -Part 1

Businesses need to sell more. If for no other reason, you will want to sell more to keep up with inflation. But, there’s a very good chance that you want to sell more because you want to grow your business and increase its successfulness. There are a few ways that you can sell more. Obviously […]

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Competitor Research in Just 10 Minutes per Day

Just a couple hours before writing this, I was talking with a client who was telling me that she had run a successful business for nearly 20 years… until about 3 years ago. And then, all of sudden, her revenues plummeted. Yes, plummeted. The short story is: She was so busy with her ongoing success […]

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Blogging in 10 Minutes a Day

A website is an important business tool – it’s a way to present and sell your products or services and to connect with your prospects and customers. In the earlier days of the web, business websites were relatively static: Organizations would put up a site and people would come and look at the site if […]

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Ten Tips to Add Value to Your Customers

Customers buy when they perceive that there is value in the relationship. If they don’t see the value, they will spend their money somewhere else. Your job as a small business owner is to “wow” your customers with value so they won’t even think of spending their money elsewhere. So, how do you do that? […]

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Generating Repeat Business in 10 Minutes a Day

Achieving profitability and then maintaining it is a daily battle for business owners. Driving up income and driving down expenses should be a two-pronged approach you take for every activity and business decision you make in the day. Unfortunately, generating business often costs money – and depending on the channel you’re marketing through, it can […]

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How to Avoid Burnout

From time to time I’ve watched helplessly as business-owning colleagues have burned out. Entrepreneurs can burn out pretty easily because they have so much at stake and because they love what they do, so work doesn’t always feel like work. The result? They either totally flame-out in a cataclysmic melt-down, or they slowly grind to […]

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