Success with Informational Sites – Part 1

Sometimes when I write Tips In Ten, they are tips that take ten minutes to perform, and sometimes they are tips that take ten minutes to read but longer to perform. Since this topic takes 4 articles to talk about, there will be a combination of tasks, some taking ten minutes and some taking longer. […]

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Successful Business Proposals in Just Ten Minutes a Day

As a coach and consultant, I frequently have to create a proposal when I meet a potential client. Since every client’s business is unique, I want to understand their business and their needs and then write a proposal with some competent recommendations. But since proposal writing is non-billable work that may or may not lead […]

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Choosing the Right Freelancer or Contractor

You need to get work done but you can’t do it all by yourself. The busier your business gets, the more you need to do and the less time you have to do it in! That’s when you turn to professionals like freelancers and contractors to help you out. I’ve recommended sites like Guru and […]

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Creating Requests of Proposals that Get Results…

As a business owner, you have lots of work to do. Hiring someone to work in your office isn’t always a realistic alternative and you can often get highly qualified offsite contractors and freelancers for less than it would cost you to have someone in your office. Not only that, you can put in just […]

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How to Hire Freelancers and Contractors in 10 Minutes a Day

Running a business requires a combination of your own talents and skills and the talents and skills of other people. I can’t think of a single person in the history of ever who could do it all with excellence. Almost all businesses do some form of outsourcing or subcontracting. In some cases (depending on budget […]

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10 Minutes a Day For Better Staff Productivity

I’m all about “getting more done”. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to you and I spend a lot of time thinking about it. For some of my readers, the lessons in these Tips In Ten issues are applicable to their one-person operations. But what about the businesses that are multi-staff situations? You’re in charge […]

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Solve Your Business Problems in Just 10 Minutes

Running a business can be messy sometimes. In spite of our best efforts, we end up with dissatisfied customers and goals that aren’t achieved and broken products and a stack of receivables. If business was easy, everyone would be starting their own and everyone would be successful. But business isn’t easy. Things happen. Sometimes those […]

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