Comments and How They can Make You More Successful (In Just 10 Minutes) – Part 2

Today’s web is a social one. We’ve moved from media that is one-sided and static to media that is a dynamic conversation. Your blog is part of that and in the last article of Tips In Ten I showed you how to encourage more comments and what to do with them. But getting comments is […]

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Comments and How They Can Make You More Successful (In Just 10 Mintues) – Part 1

Long before the internet was around, the way we got a lot of our information was mainly through newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and books. But these were not very interactive. Certainly there was some interactivity – you bought or didn’t buy the book; you could call in to some radio or TV shows; you could […]

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Business Growth in Ten Minutes a Day

I believe that businesses grow when entrepreneurs focus on the successful development and improvement of their businesses. Unfortunately, it’s not put into practice as often or as effectively as it could be so entrepreneurs only think about business growth, but act on it sporadically. The result of sporadic attention to business growth is, of course, […]

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Make Money from Your Informational Site!

In the last four Tips In Ten articles, you’ve read how to build and run an informational site. In this article I want to talk to you about how to make money from them. To refresh your memory, I outlined (in the first issue of the four-issue series) a few reasons why you might want […]

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Success with Informational Sites – Part 4

In the last three Tips In Ten article, I’ve talked about informational sites. Informational sites are sites that you set up where you don’t explicitly sell but rather you provide as a resource for your target audience. These sites can help to position your business as an expert, reaching a wider audience through higher potential […]

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Success with Informational Sites – Part 3

In the past couple of aritcles of Tips In Ten, I’ve been showing you how to create informational sites that you can use to build an audience and position yourself. Informational sites are search engine friendly and give you a way to attract a wider audience that trusts you and listens to you. I’ve shown […]

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Success with Informational Sites – Part 2

In the last article we talked about informational sites and why you would want one. To summarize, an informational site is a site that does not directly sell but is chock full of information about a specific subject. And you want one (or more) for your business because they can help to position you, they […]

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