Allow me to disagree

In a recent blog on Small Business Blog, blogger Janet Attard rightly said that acquiring funding to start a business can be challenging. Then she suggested that, if you don’t have enough funding or credit to get started in business, one way to get funding is to enter contests. (Read Janet’s Startup Cash Blog here.) […]

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Is your mission statement a piece of dry toast?

I like slightly more adventurous food (nothing crazy, of course) and that could be a result of my childhood: I grew up in a house where my mom enjoyed unbuttered toast as a snack. I can’t imagine anything duller than a piece of dry toast. So recently, when a client asked me to look at […]

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Yes, you even need to know how to sell

In medium-to-large organizations, middle managers have a real project management challenge: They need to run their part of the organization efficiently and implement programs and projects to do their job effectively. And, in order to do that, they need to get buy-in from levels above them (for sponsorship and project funding) and levels below them […]

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When Business Growth is Bad – Part 1

Did the title catch you off guard? I hope it did. After all, business growth is the mantra of… well… every single business out there. And it seems good. All of it. After all, who starts a business and doesn’t want it to grow? And it seems like the sooner it grows and the faster […]

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What’s stopping you?

Creating new products or services is fun! I love the idea of taking an idea and helping someone develop it, turn it into something real, and then sell it. And I know my clients like it, too, because I stay busy with this work! Unfortunately, I’m seeing a dangerous trend in the market that impacts […]

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The conundrum of committedness – part 3

In my last two blogs, I’ve talked about the conundrum of committedness. The first part of the conundrum is the need to continue generating new commitments, even if there are a lot of them currently. And the second part is that new commitments aren’t always predictable. Here are some ways to manage that situation for […]

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