Brand Management in Ten Minutes Will Save You Hours

Posted by on November 18, 2010 in: Branding, Tips in 10

When you first plant a garden, it looks just the way you want it: Neatly trimmed and ordered. Over time, though, it starts to grow and grow; it gets shaggy, it grows over the barriers. Unwanted weeds appear. Without careful trimming and management, your garden can look terrible, but with careful management, your garden will […]

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Building and Maintaining a Compelling Website in Just 10 Minutes a Day

I’ve found that websites can be a huge black hole of time, where a full day of work can get sucked into oblivion simply because you’re trying to build or maintain your company’s website. You might have some of your web presence covered but you might not have all of it covered and this Tips […]

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Even Headliners Struggle…

Posted by on July 19, 2010 in: Branding

Before Gary Vaynerchuk (the video/social media guru and all-star author), there was Gary Varynerchuk (the wine guy). Before Chris Brogan (the social media guru), there was Chris Brogan (the aspiring author). Before Biz Stone (co-creator of Twitter), there was Biz Stone (the guy with the weird name). Before Seth Godin (the “he’s-never-wrong” author and marketer), […]

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What You Can Learn from this Hit-Maker

Posted by on July 15, 2010 in: Branding

Summer and music. They go together. Good summer music should evoke the hot, sunny days that students enjoy between semesters. For the kids, a summer “anthem” should capture everything great about the months that you spend on the beach with your friends. For grown-ups, a good summer anthem should remind us of those carefree months […]

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How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

There is an invisible set of stairs that entrepreneurs perceive in the life of their business and every business owner has the desire to move their business up these stairs toward some (possibly unknown or unstated) level of success. They know that each level requires new efforts and techniques and ideas and comes with its […]

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The Qualities Your Prospects are Looking For

Just the other day I found a site that looked like it could potentially help my business. It was a SaaS (software-as-a-service site), which meant that they were asking for $29/month. The service looked really good. And it looked like it could fill a need in my business. But I didn’t buy. Here’s why… Relationships […]

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Dare to be different. Please.

I had an insurance brokerage company ask if I could recommend some ways to help them improve their web presence and market themselves more efficiently. We talked back and forth about what services they offered. I ended up choosing not to take them on as clients. The reason I felt that I wasn’t the right […]

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