Navigating the Sea of Staffing Requirements

No matter how small you may intend to keep your business, at some point you will need to consider hiring employees. And if you have employees, you’ll incur paperwork! While you should obtain legal counsel when hiring staff – since legal requirements vary from state to state and municipality to municipality – this article provides […]

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The Building Blocks of a Successful Company

The financials of your business, whether you are a start-up or Fortune 100 company are critical. Even if you don’t make a lot of money, understanding and mastering your financials will help you to maximize what you do earn. Financials give you information about your current position as well as equip you with information to […]

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How To Survive Tax Season

Tax season is a trying time of year for anyone. For the small business owner, tax season can seem truly overwhelming. Attempting to make headway in the mountains of forms, decide what needs to be filed, maximize deductions and ensure that everything is properly filled out present unique challenges. Many small business owners are also […]

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The Top Business Best Practice

There are many resources out there for small business owners to teach them to market or to use social media or to develop a brand. These are good practices to have but I’d argue that the top business best practice is not marketing or social media usage or branding. It’s budgeting. Don’t get me wrong: […]

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Success Tips for Travel Write-offs

If you run a small business, you may find yourself traveling on trips that are obviously business-related. For example, if you travel to a conference in your field, stay in the recommended hotel, and are away only the same number of days as the conference, then the trip is obviously a business trip. Likewise, you […]

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Growing Your Business: Why Separating Business and Personal Finances is Good

This article is not all about finances. Well, it’s partially about finances. More importantly, it’s about how to grow your business. Growing your business doesn’t just happen by magic. There’s no business growth fairy that takes away a balance sheet and leaves a bigger business under your pillow. It takes consistent, carefully investment to create […]

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Where Entrepreneurs Should Invest their Money First

Knowing when to invest into your small business, and knowing what you should invest in, is not easy. Entrepreneurs have a myriad of opportunities vying for every single investment dollar. Should you buy this tool? Should you buy that software? Should you hire staff? One investment that gets overlooked early in the business (and is […]

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