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The Power of a List: Part 2

In the previous article of Tips In Ten, I told you about one of the most important assets that most top businesses have – a list. This list of people who have exchanged contact information for the chance to hear from you has the potential to become a dedicated group of buyers. These contacts have […]

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Ezines in 10 Minutes a Day – Part 4 – Making Money from Your Ezines

In previous Tips In Ten articles, I showed you how to decide on the type of ezine you want to distribute, how to select an autoresponder, and how to get it all working together to create an audience and communicate with them. And now that you know the details, you’re probably wondering: “Heather, how the […]

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Ezines in 10 Minutes a Day- Part 2 – Picking your Software

Ongoing communication with prospects and customers can help you develop a following and increase your business. By creating an autoresponder (like a newsletter or an ezine) you can automate that ongoing communication and add value to your customers’ lives. In a previous Tips in Ten, I talked about different types of autoresponders and gave you […]

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Ezines in 10 Minutes a Day- Part 1 – The Purpose

First, let me say this for those of you who don’t know: The words “Ezine”, “Newsletter”, and “Autoresponder” are frequently interchangeable and are used to sometimes mean the same thing. They do, however, have some differences: An Ezine is a periodic publication that is distributed electronically via email. A Newsletter is periodic (but not necessarily […]

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On Getting Work and MORE Work

A friend of mine just returned from a trip with his family. It was the first time he went on a multi-state trip in his brand new Prius and he came back bragging about the mileage. The last multistate trip I went on was in an SUV (with apologies to the environment) so the difference […]

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