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Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on January 04, 2011 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

Twitter is an exciting medium, not just because it provides a place to connect with others but also because it generates fresh, compelling content that can draw your audience back to your blog or website again and again. The whole TweetsIn10 concept is built around helping you save time on Twitter, but the same concept extends outward – I want to help you save time in other areas in your life, too, and Twitter can help you do that.

There are several ways that you can add Twitter content to your website or blog. I’m going to show you a couple of ways today, and these are appropriate for most platforms. In the next issue, I’m going to show you some WordPress-specific plug-ins you can use. If you run WordPress, you can use the tools I’m showing you today or the plug-ins you’ll read about in the next issue.

The first option you have is to go to and then click “Widgets”. This page will be familiar to you from last week’s issue. You can choose widgets for your website, for Facebook, or for MySpace. (We covered the latter two last week).

Click the website link and you’ll have 4 widget options that you can embed on your website:

  • Profile Widget: This widget allows you to display your most recent updates on your website. This is a good widget to use if you want people reading your tweets in your site.
  • Search Widget: This allows you to create some search terms which will then appear in the widget in real time as people around the Twitter universe tweet about those topics. If you want to have rich content about a specific topic on your website, this is a good widget to use.
  • Faves Widget: If you want to show only specific tweets on your website, you can “star” them in Twitter and only those marked as favorites will show up. This is a good one to use if you want to have specific content showing up on your website from people you’re following.
  • List Widget: If you’re following people and want to show them off while still positioning yourself within your industry, this is a great widget to use. Create a list in Twitter (of thought-leaders, favorite writers, top coaches, whatever) and then put this list widget on your website so other people can see who you’re following and what they are tweeting.

These are Twitter generated tools and they’re very good. But they’re not the only ones out there. You might want to look around for other widgets and tools that will do similar things but are provided by others.

I’ve also used Tweetizen in the past and have been quite happy with it. It works in a similar way: You simply create the parameters you want to have appear and then you’ll get the code that you can then embed in your website. I’ve used Tweetizen in the past to display tweets on specific topics for clients. For example, if a client wants to position themselves in the productivity coaching space, we might embed a Tweetizen display that searches for and posts tweets about “productivity”, “time management”, “procrastination”, etc.

Just go to Tweetizen and check out their really easy-to-use How-To page. You’ll notice that the Tweetizen tool can be used like a Search Widget or as a List Widget.

In all of these cases, you’ll get to outline the parameters of the tool (such as the tool’s size and appearance) and then you’ll get a code that you can embed. Just copy and paste this code into your site’s html and you’re ready to go!

Bonus Tip:

If you’re comfortable working with code, the opportunities are even more powerful. That’s because your tweets are gathered into an RSS feed. To get this feed, just sign in to Twitter and find the RSS feed in the right-side column on your profile page. Any tool that allows you to publish RSS feeds to websites, blogs, or wherever, can be used to publish your tweets (via RSS).

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