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Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on December 28, 2010 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

In this article I want to talk about connecting Twitter to other social media. Of course, there are a lot of social media sites out there, but I’m going to show you just a few of the most popular ones and how you can get Twitter to connect to them. We’ll be looking at Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace, and I have a note at the end about other social media sites not covered here.

The first thing you’re probably wondering, though, is “why”. Why would someone want to connect Twitter to their other social media sites?

The short answer is: It saves time. Tweeting just once and having that tweet disseminate out to your other social networks helps to ensure that you quickly and easily create a single message that everyone can see at once. It’s convenient and saves you time. And it works the other way, sometimes, too: Update your status and it becomes a tweet. At any time, you can always sign into Twitter and go to to revoke access of whatever applications you’ve granted access to, so you have total control.

The bottom line? You can connect and add value to all of your networks while reducing the amount of status updates/tweets you have to make.

Connecting Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook make a great connection: You can update Facebook from Twitter so that your wall (and your friends’ update page) is filled with your tweets.

You can connect Twitter and Facebook together easily:

  1. Go to’s “goodies” page and select “Widgets”. That takes you here:
  2. Select Facebook from the list.
  3. Then, on the next page, click the “install” button. That will open up a prompt to sign into Facebook if you haven’t already done so.
  4. Then you’ll end up at the Facebook applications page. Click “Allow”.
  5. Type your Twitter username and password.
  6. Then, click the link that says “Allow Twitter to update your Facebook status.”

Now, all of your Facebook friends will see your Twitter updates every time you tweet.

Connecting Twitter and MySpace

Connecting Twitter to your MySpace account lets you embed an always-updated Twitter stream right on your MySpace page. It looks great and it’s a good way to keep your friends up to date.

  1. If you go to’s “goodies” page and select widgets (, you have a MySpace option, too.
  2. Click that link ( and you’ll get some code that you can cut and paste into you MySpace page. This is unique code! If you have more than one Twitter account, make sure that you’re copying the code from the Twitter account you want to show up on your MySpace page!
  3. You’ll need to sign in to MySpace and post this code there.

Connecting Twitter and LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn statuses can now easily become tweets! That way, you’ll connect with your professional connections on LinkedIn and your followers on Twitter.

  1. Go to LinkedIn ( and sign in.
  2. Go to your home page (that should be the default page you arrive at after you sign in) and you’ll have a status line that you can update. Just below that status line, right next to the “Submit” button is a Twitter checkbox. When you check this box, Twitter will ask for permission to access your LinkedIn statuses so every LinkedIn update becomes tweetable.

You can also go to the “Profile” section in your sidebar and on that page you’ll see a place where you can add a Twitter profile.

Other social media

There are plenty of social media sites that you can connect to and from Twitter. In many cases, you just need to find their “applications” or “widgets” page (often in the footer links) and then grant access for Twitter after you’ve added it to your network.

Connecting your social media all together is a great way to save you time while you’re interacting with your networks. One single status update can spread your message throughout your networks.

Bonus Tip: Be Selective!

If you don’t want all of your Tweets to go to Facebook, you can use a really cool Facebook application called Selective Twitter Status: If you tweet alot (like me) you may not want to send every tweet you have to Facebook. Activating this application allows you to be selective. Here is how it works: When you are tweeting if you want to send that specific tweet to Facebook add #fb to the end of your tweet. It would look something like this: Testing out the selective tweet status #fb.

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