The Power of a List: Part 3

This is part 3 of a Tips In Ten series talking about a list and why your business needs one. By now, I hope you’re convinced of the opportunity a list provides and you’re thinking about what you can do to create a list of contacts who would be interested in hearing from you. In […]

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The Power of a List: Part 2

In the previous article of Tips In Ten, I told you about one of the most important assets that most top businesses have – a list. This list of people who have exchanged contact information for the chance to hear from you has the potential to become a dedicated group of buyers. These contacts have […]

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The Power of a List: Part 1

I always attempt in my Tips In Ten articles to show you how to really master something in ten minutes. However, in some of Tips In Ten articles I outline something you absolutely must know in your business and when that happens, I try to give you the cliff notes version (you know, taking out […]

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Become A Fortune Teller in Just 10 Minutes – Part 2

Your business will be more successful when you can act on the future before it happens. In the last article of Tips In Ten I started talking about trendwatching and why it’s important for your business, and I gave you some homework so you could start preparing to watch trends. In this article of Tips […]

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Become A Fortune Teller in Just 10 Minutes – Part 1

No, this Tips In Ten is not about how to become one of those costume-jewelry-wearing fortune tellers at the circus. This article (and the one that follows) is about staying on top of the trends that will impact your business. Foreseeing trends and acting on them before everyone else does gives you two distinct advantages: […]

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Plan, Break Down and MASTER Your Day in 10 Minutes

Hi guys! I hope you like this article of Tips in 10 because it is something I do, which is so hugely useful to me that I am not quite sure how I ever lived without it before. I have talked about keeping track of your work with your project management system and calendar, and […]

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Self-Directed Project Management in Ten Minutes a Day

Posted by on November 11, 2010 in: Project Management, Tips in 10

In the past, I’ve shown you a project management system I use based on an Excel spreadsheet. It is a really valuable system to help me stay on top of what is going on in all of the different projects I have running. I’m glad to hear that some of you have been using it […]

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