Success with Informational Sites – Part 1

Sometimes when I write Tips In Ten, they are tips that take ten minutes to perform, and sometimes they are tips that take ten minutes to read but longer to perform. Since this topic takes 4 articles to talk about, there will be a combination of tasks, some taking ten minutes and some taking longer. […]

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Master Your Day in Just 10 Minutes – Part 2

In the last article of Tips In Ten I showed you how to create a schedule (the night before) that would help you to master your workday. But it’s not JUST about prioritizing tasks and reducing urgency. There is something else you should know: Creating a schedule is a great first step but implementing that […]

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Master Your Day in Just 10 Minutes – Part 1

In previous Tips In Ten articles, I’ve shown you how to set up a calendar and how to manage your projects. In this article, and in the next one, I want to show you how to really master your day and get the most out of your day that you possibly can. There are some […]

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Squidoo Success in Ten Minutes a Day

When someone goes online and searches for something, we’d all say that they are looking for information. But internet marketing guru Seth Godin would say that they are looking for meaning and context. He also believes that people value more than just cold hard facts; they value interaction and information that is combined with experience […]

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Successful Business Proposals in Just Ten Minutes a Day

As a coach and consultant, I frequently have to create a proposal when I meet a potential client. Since every client’s business is unique, I want to understand their business and their needs and then write a proposal with some competent recommendations. But since proposal writing is non-billable work that may or may not lead […]

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Effective Lead Generation in 10 Minutes

There’s a poem that goes, “for want of a nail the war was lost”. The poem traces the loss of a war to a missing horseshoe nail, suggesting that the horse wasn’t shod properly and thus couldn’t ride into battle to bring a key warrior to the front lines. (Read the poem here: For Want […]

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Keyword Research in 10 Minutes a Day

Posted by on October 18, 2010 in: Tips in 10, Tools & Resources

For most businesses, creating any kind of online presence will usually end up with a discussion of search engines, search engine results, and keywords. More specifically, the conversation ends up talking about Google, Google search engine results, and keywords for Google. Google isn’t the only search engine around but it is the biggest and most […]

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