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Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on October 15, 2010 in: Business Marketing, Tips in 10

In the past 4 articles of Tips In Ten, I’ve been showing you how to how to create compelling articles and submit them online to generate more traffic for your business. I showed you why articles were a great marketing tool, and I showed you how to write articles, how create a resource box, and how to submit your articles.

In this bonus Tips In Ten, I’ll give you some article submission sites that I’ve found to be effect.

Before I get too far in let me make a couple of important points first:

General versus specific: The article sites I’m going to show you are general article sites. That is, they have a number of topic categories that are as diverse as “automotive”, “finance”, “parenthood” and “spirituality” and everything in between. But you should be aware that there are other article sites focused on a specific niche… and there might be one for your niche. To find out, Google “articles” and “[your niche]” (so you might Google “real estate articles” or “parenthood articles”, etc.) Try adding the words “free”, “submission”, or “distribution” into the search to help you narrow even further if you don’t find what you’re looking for the first time.

Compare what your category’s articles are like between the general site and the specific site (if there is a specific site; there might not be). For example, I’ve found that investment-related articles are sometimes considerably more basic in a general article submission site than in a site specializing on that specific topic. This may not be the case for all industries or categories (I’ve never done a thorough study) but you may want to check and be aware. You might find that your articles simply fit better in one instead of the other. It also depends on who you think the audiences are at these sites (and the easiest way to tell is to read some of the articles).

Free versus paid: Some article distribution sites allow you to submit your work for free while others require payment. In theory, the paid ones offer superior service and more proficient distribution while the free ones offer longer approval times and potentially less distribution. (The reality, though, is that it’s a mixed bag: I pay for some article distribution and have been happy with it but have also used free sites that have surprised me by being superior.)

Pick a selection and test them out. For example, write ten articles and submit one to each site and see what happens. Some articles might be approved quickly but go nowhere. Other articles might take a long time to be approved but will become widely distributed. If you are going to make articles an important part of your business (and you should), it’s worth taking the time to figure it out.

Terms of service: Read the terms of service and/or author’s guidelines. It’s worth the time. Yes, they may seem long and unwieldy but here’s why it’s good: Some sites will let you submit your articles elsewhere, others won’t. Some sites will let you put links into the article, others won’t. Some sites will let you talk about yourself, others won’t. Some sites restrict the length of your articles or what you can talk about. You will save time by reading these guidelines because it will keep you from submitting articles that will be rejected (causing rewrites and resubmission delays).

Free and paid article sites I recommend, along with their URL and Alexa Ranking:

Free sites

Ezine Articles
Alexa Ranking: 113

Article Trader
Alexa Ranking: 7,637

Article Base
Alexa Ranking: 343

Alexa Ranking: 1,157

Alexa Ranking: 5,559

Alexa Ranking: 4,604

Go Articles
Alexa Ranking: 1,628

Idea Marketers
Alexa Ranking: 4,196

Article City
Alexa Ranking: 5,802

Article Click
Alexa Ranking: 6.849

Promotion World
Alexa Ranking: 26,358

Article Sphere
Alexa Ranking: 20,929

Add Me
Alexa Ranking: 5,870

Self Seo
Alexa Ranking: 7,192

Articles Factory
Alexa Ranking: 10.358

Article Rich
Alexa Ranking: 7,308

Article Blast
Alexa Ranking: 14,308

1888 Articles
Alexa Ranking: 28,351

Paid sites

Price: Starts at $2
Alexa Ranking: 5,433

Submit 2 Please
Price: Starts at $20
Alexa Ranking: 46,736

Submit Your Article
Price: email for rates
Alexa Ranking: 8,869

Price: With payment options
Alexa Ranking: 22,559

I’ve given you 18 free article sites and 4 paid ones. Choose some of these and get started. Test them out and find out which ones you like the best for what you want to accomplish in your article marketing

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