Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 7/30/10

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on July 30, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

Too Smart For Your Business? – When we make every decision from our intellect, we tend to over-complicate. We see all the options, have a million big ideas, and either want to improve upon everything or convince ourselves of what won’t work.

The Myth of the Personal Brand – By all appearances, the discussion of personal branding – and the hoards of people who claim to help us do it – is fueled by the social web. Before everyone had a voice, branding was largely the domain of ad people. Aaron hits the nail on the head here defining who exactly does the branding.

Drawing the Line: 6 Things You Shouldn’t Tolerate in Projects – Being successful is all about creating things you can be proud of and building long-term relationships with clients. From Client-Centered Design to Bad Names these personal do not pledges share some fantastic insight how to run your business better.

Almost invisible mirrored tree house built in Sweden – This was just too cool not to share.

8 New Link Types That Exist On The Web – Some of the link types most commonly used in social media and on blogs.

What’s Your BrandWord? -A business is a long-term plan to wealth. Many people do not track their branding power online – or worse, they don’t push their branding efforts far enough. The accumulative time you spend on building your BrandWord pays off quite nicely.

Looking At Life Through The Eyes Of A Child – Oh, if we could all live like kids again. This personal story hits on the things we can learn from children. – from the constant sense of wonder to the spontaneity of a child’s wisdom.

Favorite video: Your business card is CRAP – People still use business cards???? I found this very hilarious.  Like Aaron, I don’t agree with most of it, but it is fun to watch.

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