Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 7/2/10

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on July 02, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

The Changing Face of Facebook Marketing – 5 Things you MUST Know – Facebook seems to always be implementing a new policy. From Facebook Fan Page Admin Rule to Greater Facebook Integration you will find key lessons to help you along the way.

The Guy Who Lives on the Edge
– A bit of humor for your day. One man and a rotten/spoiled tub of sour cream. Do you think it’s still good 4 days past the expiration date?

The Web Strategy Pyramid: A Well-balanced Web Strategy – Jason has come up with a fantastic guideline for boosting your web site. Broken down to each level, you will find advice on how to build a solid user-friendly web experience foundation. Starting at the lowest level (Content) and ending at the top (Pay-per-click ) Jason walks you through each phase.

Is Yours A Job, Career, or Calling? – As the old saying goes “if you find a job you love then you will never have to work again”. Broken down into three areas how would you pick your work level? For some the three categories listed here might all apply. Come Monday morning we should all be excited to start the work week not dread it.

How to Sleep Your Way to the Top – I do believe in the benefits of good sleep, but the Polyphasic Sleep method is not the way to do it. At least not for me. lol This article is  just a taste of some ways lack of proper sleep habits can derail your freelance career.

Features and Benefits Are So 2009. Sell To Driving Emotion – Driving emotions sell products better than anything. This post uses three great examples of how driving emotions will be your best bet when targeting buyers. “So, if you really want to sell, don’t sell the feature, don’t even sell the benefit…sell the driving emotion”.

The Person Who Can’t Keep Appointments – How do you deal with people that are always late? This post talks about ways you can defend your time from those individuals whom are always late. From making them come see you to stop dealing with them entirely it’s all in here.

Is a Lack of Perspective Costing You Money? – Refocus your perspective. Discover how to prevent tunnel vision, in your own business, and when consulting with others. Take the blinders off and look at the bigger picture you are apt to market yourself better in the social media sense.

Business planning and a cross-country trip – Aaron takes an event from his everyday life here and forms it into a tool for learning. This post talks about businesses that fall into extremes for planning. He breaks down the benefits in taking a middle approach “plan-to-the-next-checkpoint” using a real life situation.

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