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Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on June 17, 2010 in: Social Media Mindmeister

Periodically I’ve been posting about social media marketing based on an excellent MindMeister mindmap on the topic. I take a “branch” and talk about their recommendations and provide ideas that might help.

So far I’ve been going in order, clockwise around the mindmap but I’m going to skip a couple of the branches because I want to deal with them later and I’m going to talk about teaching.

Three teaching resources are given – screencast tools Jing and Screentoaster and the webinar tool GoToMeeting. I’ve used Jing and GoToMeeting but I think there are other tools that are missing from here. Camtasia, for example, is one of my favorite screencast tools. I know there are others out there.

In this blog post I’m less interested in talking about the tools themselves than about what you can do with them. There are so many opportunities!

  • Use screencasts to train your staff. This is useful both for onsite and for distributed/virtual staff. Show them what you are talking about when you need them to do something that they haven’t done before. They can watch the screencast on their own and review it again and again if there’s something they’ve missed.
  • Use webinars to meet with your staff quarterly for an update on the business and to train them collectively in something. Where you might normally run a face-to-face meeting and use a Powerpoint, run a virtual meeting and use a webinar.
  • Test a webinar system for client meetings and see if they are more fully engaged or get more out of your calls as a result.
  • Do a whole bunch of screencasts as a digital download product that you can sell. This might not work for everyone but if you’re a coach or consultant (especially with a very technical or interface-specific service) then screencasts can help and they’ll make a good product.
  • Use a screencast as a way to market your business: Create a screencast that starts with a picture (while you introduce yourself in the voiceover), show them your blog, show them how to sign up for your email, click to some client logos, talk about the programs or systems you use.
  • If you’re looking for a new revenue-generating opportunity for your coaching business, consider a group roundtable conducted periodically through webinar. These might be 4 business owners and you talking about their situations. It’s like a conference call but a little more focused and some people don’t mind signing up for coaching with other businesses they don’t know because there is a networking element as well.
  • Create a series of screencasts (or pre-recorded webinars if possible) and ask clients to view them prior to a coaching call. That way, you can get even deeper into your consultant sooner because some of the preliminary material was already covered.

The teaching element in your business is wide-open and there are so many exciting (and even profit-producing) opportunities for you to pursue. It’s worth taking some time to brainstorm and explore what teaching technology can help you.

Happy Blogging!

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