Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 5/28/10

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on May 28, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

Today’s Marketing Topic: Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM) – Back in the ‘old day’s’ people used to verbally recommend products to one another It is something that many people in marketing tend to forget about in these times of social media, internet, digital billboards. Think about what works best for you when thinking about purchasing a product or services. Do you trust Marie Osmond to tell you that company ABC helped her to lose weight or do you trust your life long friend Rachel who describes exactly what she has done to drop her scale-weight down?

5 Signs You Could Be Getting More from Your Social Media Time – 5 must-know tips which indicate if you are wasting valuable time with social media. This is an article not to skip over!

Showing Bad Customers the Door – Sometimes you really need to point to the door when you have a draining, nasty, nagging customer taking up your time. Not every customer is right! Read about 4 of these “problem”clients/customers and learn how to trim the fat!

Find a Collaboration Partner That Fits Your Style – How much thought should go into putting together a team or a group of collaborators? Learn why this is such a big thing to think about before even beginning the task.

The Crowdsourcing Quagmire – Crowdsourcing? Not sure what it is? Well first, read the first 2 paragraphs of this blog and then you will know. Next read through the pros and cons of this technique and see 1 very big UH-OH by a big company when they tried their hand at crowdsourcing.

Who the Frak is Everybody? – I loved this! Do you ever find yourself saying “What if everybody thinks this is silly?”Or “Did everyone notice that my fly was down?” Who the heck is “everybody?” Sarah posted this cute rant about “everbody”.

The necessity of failure – We can learn a lot in life if we just step back and listen to what our kids are telling us. Read as this CPA talk about a lesson her daughter taught her while they were out horseback-riding!

Horrifying 12-day Cool Whip Experiment – This is easily one of the grossest things ever. So gross that I actually called up some friends to find out if they had Cool Whip in their homes – and immediately told them to chuck it! When they asked why I sent them straight to Johnathan’s blog.

Why You Should Never Charge Hourly – Is it a good idea, as a freelancer, to charge hourly? Sometimes when you present your prospective clients with hourly cost it can scare them away. Take a look at this article to help inspire a change of the hourly rate frame of mind.

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