Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 5/21/10

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on May 21, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

Social Media Outsourcing: A Wise Choice – This is a quick video summary of an Industry Report by the founder of SocialMediaExaminer.com, Michael A. Stelzner. While this is just a summary, the information about social media outsourcing is pretty interesting! It also touches on Social Media strategy and researching and choosing the best social media sites to use to your advantage.

Personality Types: Questions And Answers – Wow! When Hunter replies to a readers comment he REALLY replies! I am sure many of you have heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator type test, right? This is an amazing article that provides a ton of information on personality tests. These tests can be fun to do as a team-building project with your associates to help bridge the gap between some and teach how to communicate with one another according to each personality type.

Do You Believe That “Retail Is For Suckers?” – MomGrind posted this blog that caught my attention. This article is about how a luxury department store shopper experienced their first impression at a discount retailer. Fun read!

How to Get Social ROI from Internet Marketing Conferences – Sometimes meeting people can be a little scary for some. How much time do we spend talking to one another online by way of social media? LOTS! Lisa talks about her time spent at social media conferences the past few months and each time she came across the same thing: people saying (typing) that they were sorry they never got to meet at “social media event X”. Lisa wants to help those wallflowers, one “hi” at a time!

Need Gifts, Office Supplies, Books or Other Items? Your Virtual Assistant Can Shop for You – Using your Virtual Assistant for virtual assistance! Well, duh! Sophiezo goes into detail about what you can have your already loved and trusted VA help you with. There are 5 tips listed in this article but the entire site is filled with the most amazing information valuable for everyone who reads it!

Snapshots From Honolulu: Shave Ice from Waiola – YUM! So there is this place in Honolulu called Waiola. And the way Robyn Lee describes this island treat really makes me ask myself “so when was the last time I visited the islands?” Be warned: This is NO ordinary “icy” this is a fruit flavored highly customizable Shave Ice! (Not shaved ice.)

Four reasons why Lady Gaga has fans and you don’t – Lady Gaga – love her or dislike her (I can’t say hate – how can you hate her?) you have to admit: Lady Gaga is an amazing person when it comes to expressing appreciation and true gratefulness to her fans and followers. Sure her costumes might be a little wild, some may call them scary, but she really connects with her fans, commits to the passions and causes she speaks about. So how can you not admire her? Mack talks about Lady Gaga’s methods in detail, plus includes a video that I am sure will haunt the poor fan to some degree for the rest of his life! =)

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Enjoy these readings and have a great weekend!

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