Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 5/14/10

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on May 14, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

Are You Managing Your Community Or Is It Managing You? – Does your blog have a firm grip around your ankle? Do you constantly check your crackberry for comments to your most recent post? Do you UberTwitter from the potty at work (it’s ok – we have all done it before!) Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to see who’s doing what in the world of Facebook? We are disgusting! We have let social media push us around like rag dolls until we know no better; until we feel the need to constantly be connected to “see” or “read” or “tweet” almost in a state of subconscious. Lisa is not afraid to admit that she could have answered yes to any of these questions when she first hit the blog scene. She provides us with some preventative measures to keep from turning into social media zombies.

Pictures of Insanely Cool Creative Workspaces – What comes to mind when you think of what you hear about Google.com’s office? Amazing? Fun? Creative? Here is a group of photos from various well known businesses “behind the brand” in their most intimate thinking place, their office!

Freedom’s Just Another Word (Um…No It’s Not) – Allison is clearly big on “Freedom” considering how much she has grown and found herself over the past year. She takes an in-depth look at what Freedom means to her and what can potentially be a freedom blocker. This is a really great empowering read and if you look at the very end of the article she has included a link to an exercise that will help you uncover your “4 words”.

Smart Phone, Dumb Life? – How many people out there do you know that don’t have access to the internet from their home? What about those that do not text message from their cell phones or go online from that same cell phone? Not too many!! Have you ever thought about the term “Crackberry?” Think about it. Once you live with it, experience it, and love it – you will crave and become reliant on that little bundle of technology with that cute little keypad, and the beautiful little full color screen….. Uh-oh! Where did I put mine? =)

A little Chipmunk’s Story– OMG, what an adorable story about this little guy (or girl). He was found on a trail by a hiker. Here is his story of survival and recovery. File this one under too cute!!

Your VA is an essential part of your Social Networking Strategy – Social Media – time consuming, involved, time consuming, lead generating, time…. (You get the idea.) Carol Ann Quibell posses a good question. Is it possible to have your VA take care of your social media site(s) and still have your sites be running like well oiled machines? Heck yeah! For everyone out there who has a VA or IS a VA read this blog. Whether it is idea inducing or points you can bring up in interviews about your skills you will take away something from the info. Oh, not to forget, hiring a VA to take over your social media upkeep really frees up your time to work the leads uncovered and all other aspects of your business!

Great Designers Are Spawned From Mediocrity – This is great. And if you sit there for a second, I am sure everyone can think back to a moment where you took on a new task, like writing your blogs, and you hated it. You knew the final product was not what you wanted but you tried your damnedest! So you kept at it, hopefully! Then there was that one day in which you though – I am pretty damn good at this! Melody writes about just that in this article. It is inspiring!

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