Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 4/9/10

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on April 09, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

How Messy Is Your Life? – With a title like this you have to read it! Allison describes how she had this question pop into her head and it wouldn’t leave until she, herself, answered it. She uses messiness not to refer to dust, mildew, or dirt but to describe emotional, social, love life, etc. messes. Using a pretty clever analogy of dirty clothes, and her son, she explains how many of us transfer our mess from one pile to another rather than confront the mess head on.

Finding Ecstasy in Ordinary Life – I came across this blog post and it stopped me in my tracks. Elizabeth wrote “Wrong implies that there is some way ‘it is supposed to be’ or ‘I am supposed to be’ and what currently is does not rise to that occasion”. She’s right. By saying or asking what’s wrong, it is suggesting that there is a right and a wrong in this thing we call life – not including criminal activities and other obvious wrongs! She runs through a list of things that are meaningful to her and therefore bring ecstasy to her life.

Creating Facebook Pages Customers Will Want To Join – This is a really important article to look at if you are considering updating your current Facebook page or creating a new one for a product, service, etc. that you are about to launch. Lisa Barone describes 4 easy techniques to help make sure you are getting your brand out there and making sure it stands out, separating it from the redundancy of other Facebook pages out there.

001 Virtual Assistant Podcast – What Is A Virtual Assistant? – This marks episode 1 of a very interactive, engaging, high energy, and useful podcast. The host is Podcast Answerman, Cliff Ravenscraft. His new podcast discusses the industry of Virtual Assistants. He will also be sharing he own journey in finding deciding to hire a virtual assistant.  He keeps the listener engages throughout and has all of the details referenced in the podcast in his blog posting.

35 Powerful Beliefs About Money: From Donald Trump to the Dalai Lama – This article gives the reader quick overviews of different beliefs about money and prosperity by some pretty well known entrepreneurs, published authors, and media individuals. Marelisa’s writes summaries of each individual and how they choose to live their lives to achieve success. What a  great collection of concepts and mindsets!

Tools For Managing a Virtual Team – Many companies have switched from hiring new office staff to hiring virtual assistants and contract virtual workers. This is a growing trend and the media and market researches state that this trend will only increase year after year. Kristen Arnold has put together an article talking about the tools she uses to manage a virtual team. This is a perfect reference article to make sure that you are utilizing the best tools out there today.

Outsource Your Business $5 at a Time – So what can you get for a fiver these days? A fancy, foamy, fat free coffee? What about a combo meal at a fast food joint? Maybe, if you’re lucky! This article talks about a site called fiverr. It literally is a site, nay, marketplace of goods and services that people will provide for five bucks! On Fiverr you will find everything from banner ads, to cartoon drawings, to voice-overs. Check it out!

20 Powerful Apps to Organize Your Thoughts – This blog on Men with Pens features a guest poster who put together descriptions of 20 hot tools out there that can help make your day a little easier. These online tools will help with everything from appointment tracking, note taking, bookmarking, etc. There are some applications listed that I have never heard of but thanks to James Adams, the author of this post, I will be checking them out!

Whew! That was a tough! There were so many good reads this week.  Check out the rest of my favorites on HeatherVilla StumbleUpon.

Have a great weekend!

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