Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 4/30/10

Posted by on April 30, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

How to Visualize: A Guide to Creative Visualization – Football players do it, Wrestlers do it, Olympians do it…. They all visualize winning the game, the match, or the gold medal prior to even competing in the determining event. Marelisa outlines the process of creative visualization and provides many great resources as well. Don’t Change […]

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Is Foursquare the Next Twitter?

Early adopters of Twitter were already there when most people signed up last year. In watching the Twitter frenzy, it made me wonder what the NEXT Twitter was going to be. One of the trends in ebusiness and internet marketing right now is the shift towards the local market. We’ve been so excited about the […]

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Getting More Done With “Oh Sh*t” Productivity

One of my favorite scenes in the movie Apollo 13 is when a NASA engineer walks into a room full of engineers and scientists and points out that the air filters on Apollo 13 are circular in one module and square in the other module. He says something along the lines of: “We have to […]

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Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 4/23/10

Posted by on April 23, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

Smart Kids (& Marketers) Never Get Bored – This is a really smart way of discussing a rather serious topic. How do you keep marketing fresh? How do you keep both yourself and your clients interested in what you have to say and offer? In Lisa’s words, “Good marketers don’t get bored, they get creative”. […]

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“What Should I Do?” – Livecasting

In this “What should I do?” series, I’ve been writing about the Social Media Framework mindmap at MindMeister.com. In each post, I’ve been looking at one of the subtopics of the framework and giving you tips on how to make it work for you. In this post I’ll be talking about livecasting.

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9 Tips for More Effective Multitasking

For busy professionals, multitasking is a must-have skill that allows you to shoehorn more productivity into an already packed schedule. It’s an often-maligned skill, too, because of the frequently quoted problem that multitasking results in poorer quality work. But I disagree. Like other skills, I believe that multitasking is something you can develop and improve […]

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Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 4/16/10

Posted by on April 16, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

Can Your Choice of Photography Be Hurting Your Brand? – There are countless stock images floating around online, and while as beautiful as they are – how powerful is that same photo if my readers have seen it used numerous times? Don’t get me wrong, stock photos are still great to use, but when you […]

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