Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 3/26/10

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on March 26, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

Small Business Discovers Social Media – Kogi Korean Taco Truck? Yes, Korean Tacos. Newsweek referred to Kogi “America’s first Viral Restaurant” for their efforts of self promoting on social media sites. This article details some of Kogi’s tactics, but the big picture asks why don’t more people use Social Media as means for advertising. Think about the limitless audience you have to market to! And in 99.9% of the instances online Social Marketing is FREE – talk about a deal! Mike Moran does what he set out to do: provide inspiration to those business who cannot afford traditional  advertising.

The entrepreneur’s silver bullet –  What is the entrepreneur’s silver bullet? Is it that pre-packaged deal you saw the “video” on “that” website for $349.00? Is it getting yourself to the top of Google’s search page? Or maybe it is as simple as hiring a Business Strategist and Coach? Well – if you thought any of those answers were correct we have a problem. Think of it like this: the likelihood of finding a tangible “silver bullet” is as likely as finding the magical weight loss pill. Some say they have the product but we all know its bunk! To successfully achieve SEO and (for argument sake) weight loss it requires the 3 things in which Aaron lists in this article. And guess what? You cannot go to the store and buy any of them! This is such a great wake up call of an article I could not help but share it with everyone!

New York’s Museum of Modern Art Acquires the @ Symbol – Yes, apparently a symbol can be acquired, and it’s art. I’m not sure about all of that, but I did find the history part interesting.

Post Office Open –  Ok, this isn’t really something you read, but with all the holidays (the ones normal people have to work) and all the schedule changes, it’s nice to have an easy way to check if postal mail should be in your box or not.

Increase Your Productivity: Institute Quiet Time – A required read for the “time management challenged” people out there. Karyn Greenstreel has her own website entitled Self Employed Success. Within this site she has a blog post from the other day that talks about increasing your productivity. This should be a required read for anyone working from home but also for those who cannot leave their Blackberry’s in another room without being interrupted by the buzz buzz buzz of another email coming in, or a client calling.

7 Simple Organizing Tips – This is great! I never thought of a book exchange at a birthday party! Is there an easier way to promote reading to our children? This entire blog is for those of out there who are “eclectic” at heart but somewhere took a wrong turn and ended up on Disorganized Ave. Really great easy and simple tips to follow in free up space in your home, office, etc.

Five Things That Help New Work Pioneers Make Real Change – Become more selfish! Yes! It’s an order! Well, at least it is if you want to deconstruct your corporate life to start living and creating a new life for yourself. Through 5 very well described steps, Christine really makes it easy to understand what is required in order to make the transition easier and, well, make you look before you leap. A really great article that also refers to links to her past blogs – all very well worth the reading time.

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