Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 3/19/10

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on March 19, 2010 in: Weekend Reading

How to Prepare Yourself for Success – A rather lengthy read, but hey – who said preparing yourself for the success you want in life was simple, easy, and didn’t require much. Marelisa ties in some pretty powerful information on the experiences some actors have had that affected where they are today, where they wanted to be in life, and reaching their definition of Success.  She talks of Burt Reynolds, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sly Stallone, just to name a few.  At the end of the article there are Tips to Prepare To Succeed.  These are great.  I printed out a copy of them and tacked it to my wall so if I am feeling lost, or forget what I want to achieve I can reference them.  Not such a fan of the tip ” Take care of your body: exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep” though.  Sheesh!  Is exercise involved in all aspects these days?!!?  Ha-ha, just joshing!  It is!

Are Trade Shows Still a Viable Marketing Tactic? – Ok, show of hands – who’s been to a trade show?  Now, how many have been to a tradeshow where they were so enthralled by a product that you are now only using that particular item, converted to a particular service exclusively, or increased your revenues because you attended that specific trade show?  I bet not too many hands are left up there in the air!  This article discusses the proper ways of conducting business at a trade show, which does not include using them for no more than a corporate-styled after party once the convention center closes up for the day.  Michael lists 5 points to keep in mind when planning to attend these events.  Good points and great advice!   My suggestion, put these tips together in a checklist for your employees to follow when you send them a trade show.

Why You Need to Work with a Consultant – As a consultant, I found this post to a breath of fresh air.  Many people think hiring a consultant is out of their reach and not cost effective. Yes, hiring a consult does cost money, but the benefits you reap will last long after your consulting period has ended. As James so clearly points out, “Consultants have a mission, and it’s to figure out the right strategy for your business. They’re experts, they know how to apply the principles to different companies and different people, and they can make sure you don’t make any costly mistakes.”

How to defeat zombies (and be more productive) – Talk about an attention grabbing title! And how do zombies and productivity relate??  Once I read the title of Aaron’s new ebook, “Stop Procrastinating: Fight Zombies”, it all started to make sense.  Aaron compares procrastinated projects zombies who will follow you relentlessly until you “take care” of them and complete them.  What a great analogy! (Even if the picture did make me a little nauseous.)

What Would You Do If You Only Had Two Hours? – What article DOESN’T look good with Johnny Depp on it?  Beside that though, Taylor writes an easy, fun to read blog post that packs a heck of a message that we all can benefit from. She expounds on the question, “What would you do if you only had two hours left before the world ended?  She compares what a “slacker” might say or do vs. someone who is uber motivated. Very interesting. Give it some thought and you’ll learn something about yourself.

I Would Rather Shoot at Fish in a Barrel – If you need to catch your dinner in the ocean would you a) wonder from spot to spot casting in random places in the HOPES of catching dinner?  or b) look for the areas where there are fish, and drop a line there? Ok – so unless you have some sort of secret fishing bait that will attract them from miles away I am sure you would have chose option b.  The point is this: would it make more sense to spend countless hours jumping from social site to social site responding to comments from various people in all ‘niches’ or would it make more sense to focus on selected groups, networks, social sites where you know the audience you want is hanging out?  I agree with Kyle, I’d rather shoot at fish in a barrel.

SEO Trademark Registration Terminated – Winning her fight against the SEO Trademark Registration, Rhea committed a lot to something she believed was wrong. This is an amazing article that shows when you believe strongly in something there are no boundaries which will stop you. Rhea now has the most amazing story to tell of how she was able to stop someone from actually trade marking the term “SEO”, which would have prevent anyone from selling SEO as a service. This is such an amazing journey and one that so many will benefit from.  Thank you Rhea!

That’s all for this week!  Of course you can check out more of my favorites on HeatherVilla StumbleUpon.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy reading!

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